Energy & Environmental Division

Energy and Environmental Division

As energy costs continue to rise at an alarming rate, the benefits of being energy conscious within your facility are greater than ever. The time to reduce your operating costs is now.

The benefits of hiring our experts include:
• Reduce Operating Costs
• Improve Occupant Comfort
• Reduce Carbon Footprint
• Increase Production Rates
• Reduce Number of Sick Days
• Establish Budget for Planned System Retro-Fits
• Minimize Unforeseen System Failures

Energy Study/Audit
The areas of evaluation:
• Building Automation Systems
• Lighting and HVAC Systems
• Power Factor Correction
• Domestic Hot Water – Process water and heat recovery strategies
• Building Envelope Evaluation
• Workplace Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

LEED – Consulting/Registration/Energy Model
Considering LEED certification for your new or existing facility can be a daunting thought. Allow the Complete Control, Inc. team to simplify the process and guide you to success.

If a new facility is being considered, allow our CxA’s to guide your team from pre-design to occupancy; to achieve your facility’s quality and budget goals. Bring your facility back to its original design intent and performance.

Integrated Project Delivery
If a new facility is being considered, allow our team to assist you in establishing the framework and generating goals to meet your needs.

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